The Tomato Ladies | Lighthouse Cooking Workshops
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Lighthouse Cooking Workshops

Lighthouse Cooking Workshops

The Lighthouse is an emergency shelter which serves as a temporary home to 40 men and women in Oakville.

The Tomato Ladies provide life skill cooking workshops for residents at the shelter.


The Program:

  • The Classes are part of the Lighthouse Shelter’s Life Skills Program.
  • We demonstrate basic recipes and cooking techniques and encourage participants to share their own experiences with food preparation.
  • The participants sample each of the recipes and provide their feedback.
  • The dishes we have prepared are served at lunch to all the residents.


The Grad Gifts:

  • The participants at the workshop are given a Grad Gift pack when they leave the shelter.
  • Each pack contains a few ‘essentials’ to help them get started in their own kitchens.  As well, the pack includes some basic information about setting up a kitchen and the Tomato Ladies web address to encourage them to try our Recipes.