The Tomato Ladies

The Tomato Ladies are a group of volunteers who focus on empowering people in their community to create nutritious and tasty meals with basic ingredients.

Our target audience includes clients of local food banks, residents of emergency shelters, and others interested in low cost meal preparation. We do this by:

  • Developing simple, easy-to-follow recipes. Click here to view our recipes.
  • Preparing and serving special home-style meals to the men and women in residence at the local emergency shelter.
  • Providing life skill cooking workshops for residents at the shelter.

Meet the Tomato Ladies: Front (L-R) Kathy, Myra, Jan, Marjory. Back (L-R) Jennifer, Heather, Sally, Debra, Moira.

How did the Tomato Ladies begin?

The Tomato Ladies began in 2009 when a food bank volunteer noticed that clients were not choosing some of the healthier items available to them – like a tin of tomatoes – and were instead opting for more processed foods. It became clear that many clients simply did not know what to do with a tin of tomatoes! With that, the “Tomato Ladies” were born. We believe that by teaching basic cooking skills in a caring and compassionate way, people can learn to make better choices for their families while feeling the support of their community through the Tomato Ladies programming. The personalities and approach of the Tomato Ladies is a key aspect of their success.

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