Lighthouse Dinners


The Lighthouse is an emergency shelter which serves as a temporary home to 40 men and women in Oakville.

Home Cooked Dinners for the Residents

The Tomato Ladies love to prepare and serve home-style meals to the men and women in residence at the Lighthouse Shelter.  The residents are very appreciative of the quality and freshness of the food and they also tell us they enjoy the special personal touches that we add to the evening.

The Program

  • The event is not just about cooking a meal. This is a dinner prepared with the same care and attention to detail as we would for guests coming to our own homes.
  • Dinner consists of appetizers, a main course & dessert.
  • We serve appetizers in the lounge first and take that opportunity to chat with some of the residents.
  • Dinner is served in the dining room with the tables set with tablecloths and centrepieces.
  • During dessert, we ‘draw’ for door prizes.   Everybody wins but the draw creates some suspense and fun and sets the order for our guests to choose their door prize.   The prize bags are all a bit different but usually contain some practical items like socks, scarves, and toiletries along with a treat or two.